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Rollout/Deployment Services


Streamline the procurement to desktop process.

Successful system deployments and OS migrations begin with careful preparation of applications and images. A-TRAC offers a portfolio of services designed to make it easy to transition and easy to deploy new computer hardware. Our services can help lower deployment costs and put you in control of your IT environment.

Our technicians follow a proven methodology and apply expert knowledge to minimize deployment times so your systems are deployed efficiently. This methodology minimizes technician intervention and allows our client’s technical staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

A-TRAC offers a variety of rollout and deployment services to services different IT organizational needs.



Build, maintain, customize, revision control and deploy

images based on your requirements and specs. 

Asset Management

Asset tag and customize reports to your needs.

Rollout Services

Customize any brand machine prior to delivery with your requirements. Change BIOS, machine name, or domain for example.

“Rack & Stack”

Factory level integration of rack based equipment and delivery of fully assembled IT rack on our custom shock palette.


Customize any manufacturer's packaging to your requirements. Our kitting service includes condensing outer packaging to alleviate space constraints, reduce trash disposal and reduce set-up time allowing your site team to focus on core competencies.


Store your product in a secure location and deploy it on your schedule at your convenience. A-TRAC’s warehousing facilities are secure and climate regulated.

Data Center Optimization

Business impact analyses, strategies and roadmaps to help you manage both growth and costs with a next-generation data center.

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