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Data Center Infrastructure Solutions


Data centers are the heart of most IT operations and are crucial to an organizations operation. Power, cooling and management of the data center environment are integral aspects contributing to the health of the data center. Many data centers, especially the ones built before 2001, are at risk of outstripping their capacity to power and cool their IT systems. On average, data centers consume 10 to 30 times more energy per square foot than the typical office building—a figure that has doubled in the last five years.

A-TRAC offers focused expertise to help our clients assess, design and implement the most effective power, cooling and management systems for your data center. Additionally, we offer RFID applications for data tape tracking and IT asset inventory in the data center.


Power is a critical and complex resource related to data centers. Energy costs represent the single largest component of operating expenses for a data center, and are a potential barrier to future expansion. A-TRAC understands the challenges and complexities related to powering a data center. We help our clients design and deploy power solutions to answer these common questions resulting in cost savings and improved efficiencies:

  • How can we reduce energy costs and carbon footprint while meeting business objectives?

  • How much power and cooling capacity is remaining in the data center, given the virtualization and expansion plans we are undertaking?

  • Can I free stranded power and cooling capacity to forestall the need to build a new data center?

  • How energy-efficient is our data center, compared to industry standards? What modifications will bring us the best return on investment?

A-TRAC offers a wide variety of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and battery backup systems, as well as, surge suppressors and power adapters to suit all your power supply needs.



Cooling solutions keep the data center environment stabilized. This infrastructure is critical in supporting the intensified loads of processor-intensive applications that support business and day-to-day life. Implementing the right cooling system to support your data center needs is essential from a productivity and financial standpoint because cooling solutions can represent up to 42% of a data center’s energy usage. A-TRAC can help you design and deploy a scalable and high efficient cooling solution to satisfy your current and future data center needs. We sell a variety of cooling solutions that utilize “green” technology to help you gain resource efficiencies while retaining reliable thermal management.



Data center management tools enabling centralize monitoring, management and intelligent capacity planning of your data center’s critical systems. A-TRAC offers a variety of data center management tools to fit any size data center environment.

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